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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ideal tourism location:"The Republic of Maldives"

America build a Car that can Fly 'Transition'

The 'Terrafugia' company had invented a flying car called 'Transition', lately in year 2008. this flying car edition is predicted to bring into market in 2009. And the price is predicted to be around 194 thousands US dollars.
According to the project designer of that company, 'Transition' can carry two passengers along with a limited weight of goods.
The special characteristic of 'Transition' would be it's wings, the pair of wings can be extend and contract as wishes. This makes it a car which can either flying in the sky or running on the road. Besides, according to the designer, the flying speed of 'Transition' can reach 190km per hour. and the minimum distance for charging before taking off to the air, will be 450meters.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I Willing To Suffer For You...really

you see Money this kind of thing
It can buy you a house
but not a home
It can buy you a bed
but not a sleep
It can buy you a clock
but not time
It can buy you a book
but not knowledge
It can buy you a position
but not respect
It can buy you a medicine
but not health
It can buy you blood
but not life
It can buy you sex
but not love
See, money isn't everthing
I tell you this, because i care about you as a friend
And, as your friend, i wish to help you remove pains & sufferings
So, i have no choice, nevermind... just send me your money, i will suffer for you..
I bet you wont find any friends better than me.
no need to worry about me! my dear friend, i will be just fine..
ei...by the way, i only accept cash, no credit card please. thank you!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

popular " Tokyo Cartoon Streets "

march of 2008, "tokyo cartoon streets" start its business after big and great opening ceremony. tokyo cartoon streets is occupied by 15 company which is in the field. before until now, young people, family & friends, also tourist, keep on visiting, so "tokyo cartoon street" is always full of people. later, "tokyo cartoon streets" become Tokyo's tourism location. and manage to get the public attention world wide.
"tokyo cartoon streets" sells goods with the themes of variety cartoon/animie/mangga. and doesn't matter weather it is 80's or 90's. as long as that animie is a hot and popular one, you can found the related goods here. Therefore, "tokyo cartoon streets" manage to attract fans from different time.
the limited editions goods offer here is driving the fans crazy over surprise, and SURPRISES.. The moment you step into "tokyo cartoon streets" is like stepping into the "heaven of cartoon goods". 'what should i buy? what should i buy?' it is really hard to make a decision in "Tokyo Cartoon Street"